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Our values at Gary Caldwell Productions are centered around our clients' vision. The GCP team will work endlessly to achieve the highest quality content. Our production team goes the extra mile to fulfill the ultimate vision of our client that is aligned with our best crafted product.


The mission through Gary Caldwell Productions, is to create quality content that will help you grow and capture memories. The main goal when working with us is to provide positive results. When working with businesses and people like you, it is important for us to make sure your end product benefits you in the best way possible. The content you will receive is unique tailored around your needs. We are here to make you look good. As creators, we  are always excited to grow, are you?

You Dream. We Create.

You deserve quality service. Let us help you succeed.

We Got You Covered

Gary Caldwell Productions is a media production company that specializes in quality content creation. Content is one of the best
ways to help you grow, connect, and stand out. Working with us is
guaranteed to grow your online presence and stand out visually.
So why choose us?  We cover all industries and we use all aspects of visual media to bring your vision to life.


Creative photographs are one of the simplest ways to capture a moment in time or showcase your brand. We offer a wide variety of styles to best fit your needs. Our photographers at GCP work with a creative vision and the goal to produce eye-catching images that stand out.


Videography is the most engaging way to interact with clients or those who are interested in what you do. We produce modern content that is tailored to your specific style. If you can see it, we can create it.

Need To Grow Your Business?

Your online presence is a crucial part in growing and maintaining your business or brand. Media is the best way to populate your website, social media or marketing tools. We are here to help you grow by capturing images that make you stand out, and produce engaging videos that will showcase your brand in the best way possible.

"Gary's work is unmatched! He is talented and filled with potential! Gary's photography was able to boost my professional profile on LinkedIn, in which I feel more confident and marketable to recruiters. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a polished finish to showcase their business professional image"
               - Client

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